Through our high-profile, mobile signlights, Gold Band Taxis will deliver your advertising message right into the eyes, hearts and minds of waiting customers.

Why Taxi Media?

Taxis go everywhere that people do. And people are customers – our customers and yours! Advertise on our taxis and expect to see your advertisements on high-visibility display at:

  • the airport
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • nightclubs
  • schools
  • major events
  • conferences
  • sporting arenas
  • along residential streets
  • shopping malls 

… almost everywhere that you can think of, our cabs are there. Through our high-profile, mobile signlights, Gold Band Taxis will deliver your advertising message right into the eyes, hearts and minds of waiting customers. Our new taxi signlight mobile advertising medium offers a significant paradigm shift in marketing capability for all Christchurch businesses


Gold Band Taxis signlights have become one of the most (if not the most) clearly visible signlights in Christchurch. People who never took any notice of taxis are now seeing Gold Band cabs everywhere.

  • Our taxis are on the move, taking your message all over town. They’re not static!
  • Our taxis operate 24/7. They’re not time limited.
  • Our taxis travel frequently to all of the outlying townships. They’re not limited to the city.

Gold Band Taxis signlight advertising is fully illuminated, giving outstanding impact and visibility at night as well as during the daytime. Market penetration is significant with our Gold Band signs. Most important of all, Gold Band Taxis signlights increase brand recognition by traveling through the population, instead of waiting for the population to pass a static sign.


Bus backs are an alternative form of mobile advertising – but a different one. When did you last see a bus waiting at the rugby ground, or in a shopping mall car park, or at the airport collecting overseas customers? Almost all other forms of advertising are static. Static advertising does not – can not – reach all of your potential consumers. Any sign attached to a building, a bus stop, or any other structure, is totally dependent upon people passing the sign (and is more expensive in general). By contrast, Gold Band Taxi signlight advertising moves through the population, delivering your message to more places, more people; and whenever or wherever a taxi stops, more customers take in the message. Our cabs always gravitate to those places where high volumes of people are found, so your message is delivered right into the highest-population areas, to a whole raft of potential consumers. And – thanks to our illumination – this form of advertising is just as visible at night as in the daytime!


Gold Band Taxis offers one of the largest taxi fleets in the South Island and has taxis spread throughout our city all day, every day (and night!). Our illuminated taxi signlights ensure full market penetration: every suburb, every month, 24-hour presence, 24 hour visibility, 365 days of the year.

  • Each suburb has ‘focus areas’ where people congregate;
  • Taxis, on every rank in the CBD, wait for business and domestic passengers;
  • Every mall attracts shoppers needing a lift home;
  • The Christchurch International airport attracts customers from all over the world;
  • The Horncastle Arena, Addington Raceway and other sports fields attract massive crowds.

Our taxis go to them all. They are in the highest-visibility places (taxi drivers know how to get seen to attract passengers – it’s their livelihood, so your advertising is seen wherever your customers are). But best of all, Gold Band Taxis’ mobile signlight advertising is considerably less expensive than either Billboards or Bus Back advertising!


Value for money

As if all of the above advantages aren’t enough, value is our major point of difference!   We don’t charge you for location; we don’t charge you for limited visibility; in fact we just don’t charge you much at all compared with every other forms of outdoor advertising! For the rate-card price of a single static billboard or a single bus-back, we will arrange between 6 and 60 taxis for you! (depending on the billboard position or bus route),  taking your message everywhere throughout Christchurch and environs – 24/7 – for a whole month (or more).




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