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Gold Band

Personal transport, corporate fleet work, NZ-wide tours, shopping, airport transfers, after-work drinks, pleasure, fun, holidays . . . Gold Band Taxis offers you gold-class reliability, comfort and indulgence. (And we will never charge you extra for “prime time” transport!)


At Gold Band Taxis, we’re Christchurch’s total taxi transport solutions provider.Take 5 minutes to tell us what you need, and we’ll work with you to deliver a solution that meets your (and your business’s) needs – whatever that is.

Choice of vehicles

From our environmentally friendly hybrid cars, to our maxi vehicles for wheelchair customers (and everything in between), our broad range of vehicles can help get you going – anywhere, any time!

Choice of Booking Systems (personal, automated, smartphone & online)

At Gold Band Taxis, we have worked hard to offer you transport and booking solutions that will suit your needs . . . and we’ve got some real winners, purely so that you can have the best, and most seamless, experience possible!

By Phone (03 3795-795)

If you’re from Christchurch, you probably know our number: it’s one of the best-known, well-recognised numbers in this city! It’s used to book more than 500,000 taxis every year! . . . and that’s just our phone bookings!

The phone line is quick and easy. It offers you either:

  • A fully-automated, menu-prompted booking system (Cabcall); or
  • Allows you to speak to a “real person” if you need that little bit of extra help and service.

Cabcall is available for businesses too, with a number of Christchurch’s largest corporates and organisations reporting fantastic results as we have rolled out customised solutions for them.

Whether you’re a personal customer, or if you’re in business (whatever business!), call our Sales Consultant today (022 499 1795) to talk about Cabcall

Smartphone Booking “App”

We still operate Christchurch’s first real-time smartphone booking “app”. We rolled it out in July 2013, with a huge uptake in app bookings, right from the start. After all, with an app, you become the dispatcher! You don’t have to wait for anyone in our call centre to answer your call or email a booking to your taxi – you (via the “app”) interact directly with our dispatch software!  And you receive an immediate booking number, to confirm that your booking has been received and made.

What’s more, you can also track the cab as it approaches you, on the screen map! And, if you’re booking for a child or vulnerable person, you can watch the cab take the passenger from you to their destination – now that’s peace of mind! . . . And no other Christchurch company can offer that service!

eCab – for real-time, online bookings!

In 2004 we turned on our real-time, online booking system. Targeted initially at our hotel and motel customers, we soon discovered that more and more users jumped at the chance to use this service. Now we can set up your business, and charge fares back to your account, without your staff having to carry or handle paper vouchers. And, just as with the “app”, you can watch your taxi come to your door using our exclusive online GPS tracking technology – meaning that you can keep working until the last minute, saving time and making the most of your investment in your staff.

Again, as with the “app”, if there’s someone – or something – precious travelling without you, you can keep an eye on them all the way to their destination, using the same technology.

Automated bookings now account for around 40% of total bookings with Gold Band Taxis!

Are you using one of the three Gold Band Taxis automated booking systems yet? If not, call our Sales Consultant today (022 499 1795) to ask how we can help you to bring you, and your business, into the modern taxi era!

Wheelchair services

At Gold Band Taxis, we are proud to offer one of the largest wheelchair-capable taxi fleets in Christchurch. And as another gold-class idea, we have set up a dedicated Wheelchair Service phone line to ensure that your wheelchair bookings are as easy and hassle-free as possible. That’s what we call service!

  • Simply call – 03 372 7277 to access our specialist wheelchair booking team.
  • We recommend that you make bookings as early as possible to avoid disappointment – there’s a very high demand on our outstanding wheelchair fleet.

wheel chair

 Express Parcel Deliveries

Many corporates and large Christchurch businesses entrust Gold Band to deliver their urgent parcels. The reason is simple: we get there faster!

Call our Sales team on 03 366 1001 to talk about your business needs. With 20+ years of sales experience, our team of transport solutions finders are able to put together a solution for you.

Gold Band Taxis Gift Cards

Not sure what gift to give to a relative with everything; or to your valued staff? Give them a Gold Band Taxis Gift Card!

We can customise a branded taxi card with any or all of the following:

  • date-specific
  • destination-specific
  • single-or multiple-use
  • maximum value
  • open-ended (dates or values)


Corporate Services and Events

Gold Band is the exclusive, chosen provider to (and preferred supplier for) many local, national and international businesses. We are also the major provider to (and sponsor for) local, Canterbury events and charities, including Canterbury Rugby Football Union, Fight for Christchurch and Ronald McDonald House South Island

Because we do it for them, we are absolutely confident we can do it for you too! Call our Sales team on 03 366 1001 to talk to us about:

  • Corporate accounts
  • Custom booking solutions (including automated solutions)
  • Custom billing solutions
  • Permanent and/or repeat bookings
  • Customised taxi cards for staff and others (e.g. date-specific; destination-
  • Discount cards for preferred customers
  • Events bookings – taxi ranks
  • Or anything else that will enhance your taxi experience.

Airport transfers 

We are proud to be one of the preferred suppliers to the Christchurch International Airport.



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