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Gold Band Taxis Turns 85!

22 December, 2014

In July 1929, Charles Trillo first brought the brand of Gold Band Taxis to the Christchurch market. 85 (plus) years later, Gold Band remains a market leader in the Taxi Industry, which makes Gold Band Taxis Christchurch’s longest serving Taxi Company.

Currently an Industrial and Provident Society, Mr Trillo started Gold Band Taxis as a company with a fleet of 18 Whippets.


In 1935, Mr Trillo took a bold move, trading in the entire Gold Band Fleet for a fleet of Centre Poise Ford V8’s, all in white…the first time a New Zealand taxi company has ever had a uniform ‘brand’ colour). He also adopted a standard dress code for all drivers.

Fords (3)


1952 saw a huge change. After 23 years at the helm, Mr Trillo retired, selling the business by offering individual licences to alldrivers. The co-operative concept of Gold Band Taxis (an Industrial and Provident Society) was born. The Society is arguably one of Christchurch’s most recognised businesses, recent figures indicate that Gold Band Taxis has approximately 40% of the Christchurch taxi market share. How often have you hovered over your phone singing our jingle to yourself?

Gold Band Taxis has seen many firsts, both locally and nationwide. We once controlled the largest number of taxi drivers in New Zealand. In 1999, the Society took what others saw as an enviably bold measure by switching on GPS dispatching…12 years before it became a legal requirement. In 2004, we became the first Taxi Company in the South Island to offer fully automated online booking solutions to the public, and until recently remained the only taxi company to do so. We have proven that we are always ready to move with the times, and pride ourselves as being a leader in Taxi Innovation, offering products like automated phone bookings systems, online booking systems (direct to your taxi with no human intervention) and a real-time taxi booking app for both iOS and Android smartphones.

We are Christchurch’s transport solution provider!

We’ve come a long way, and would like to thank the amazing Christchurch public for helping us get here.