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All New Gold Band Taxis App Launched

13 December, 2015

Introducing our all new Gold Band Taxis APP!


Its been a long time in the making, but it is finally here. Gold Band Taxis is excited to announce the arrival of the newest member of our Society – Our all NEW Gold Band Taxi App for iOS and Android!

Rebuilt from the ground up, our new app provides an even better user experience with some innovative new features. From the little things like notifying you an hour before your taxi is due (for those future bookings), to our most innovative feature in ‘Safe Track (TM)’, which allows you to share you journey friends, loved ones or even colleagues.

Why ‘Safe Track (TM)’?
I know many people (inluding myself) that have sat anxiously at home while loved ones were ejoying a night out with friends. The anxieties will disappear as your loved books the taxi and shares the journey with you. On your own Gold Band Taxis App, you can watch the same screen tracking your loved one does providing peace of mind that they are safely on their way home.

What about business people, sharing your progress on your way to an important meeting might just save the day as your colleagues see you are committed to making the meeting.

There are also a number of families that use our services for transporting their children from school to their work if they have been held up. Either you book the journey for you child and share it with them, or you child can book the journey from their Gold Band Taxis App and share it with you. Again providing the peace of mind that your child is safely on their way to you.

Manage your favourite places, long press on the map to select an address you want, search using google maps and app maps place names, RATE your experience after your journey. It’s Going Places Made Easy – From the simpliest enhancement to the most innovative feature. All geared at making your user experience the most seamless experience possible.

We’re extremely excited to bring this to you and would loved to hear your feedback. We will be continually innovating, improving, updating to ensure the new Gold Band Taxis App is everything you want and more. This App truly is the newest member of our Society.

We’re Going Places – go there with us